Monday, September 26, 2016

Life is a Roller-Coaster

Family and Friends,

To say that this week was an emotional roller-coaster is an understatement.  We dropped Evelyn. It was hard, but we feel at peace about it. We just kept having this feeling, she wont change, she wont change, and sure enough. We came to her house for a lesson with the kids, and ended up talking to her for two hours straight. Heavenly Father totally prepared her for it because she kept saying, “I knew this was going to happen. I kept thinking about this conversation all week”.  And we were like, “Yep, where are you at?” It came down to the fact that she enjoys drinking and smoking. By the end of the conversation she was so upset at herself. She said that Jesus literally knocked on her door and told her to change, and she told him no. We went and saw her on Friday to see how she was doing and she was all timid and shy. But we just told her that we loved her and that we know that she will make the change one day.
It is hard because we still have the kids to teach and we are worried that now it’s not cool that nana is not taking the discussions, so now they won't want to either. We don't know what to do at this point with them. We have a feeling that they will drop us. It is hard because they were our first investigators and I love them so much!

Emmanuel is STELLAR!!!!!!!!!!! He loves what we are teaching him and he loves the spirit he feels when we are teaching him. He is progressing nicely. He has learned The Restoration, and the Plan of
Salvation. He seems to grasp it pretty good! We keep telling him to read and pray, read and pray. I think he is starting to grasp how important reading is to his conversion. The only problem we are having is that he is so shy. It has been better communicating with texting, but he takes forever to reply to anything. Anyway, it is getting better and he is getting excited. We were able to take him on a church tour. You could tell that he felt the spirit. It was so cool!!! Later that night he sent us a text and told us that he talked to his stepdad, who told him that he should stay with his own church. We were frantic!! We sent him a Mormon message that Sister Acker and I both had been prompted to send him. When we did, he text us back that he watched it and he was going to do as the video directs and fast and pray to know which church to join. We let him know that we were also going to be fasting and praying for him. So Saturday we fasted. We didn't text him that day, but on Sunday we texted him and told him that we missed him at church. We then sent him an invitation to listen to General
Conference to get his answer, and he said that he would. We took that as a good sign. Then later last night he text us that he wanted to know more about us. We realized that he was freaking out, not about the gospel, but because we really didn't know him, and he didn't know us. :) Haha! J So all last night we talked about our lives over text and I think that we have officially been upgraded to friend status with him because he texted us good morning!! He told us yesterday that he thinks that he got his answer, but he was going to pray and sleep on it one more time. I feel really optimistic! You can tell that he is so open hearted and willing to learn, and more than that, he really wants to know the truth for himself.

So this week has been kind of a crazy week as far as investigators go.
But for everything else, it has been pretty good. Sister Acker and I are still sleeping in the living room on blankets, due to the distrust of our beds. We are constantly cleaning them, but we still prefer the floor. Our STL's are coming this week so we are now putting our beds back together. We went to the Laundromat today and literally washed everything we owned; clothes, bedding, everything. I ended up spending 20 bucks to do the whole thing. But the lady there is sooooo sweet. In her words, these are my adopted Mormon girls. She has made it a point to take us under her wing, and make sure we are taken care of. She isn't a member, but she is happy to take care of a fellow Christians. She is a doll!

We have also been adopted by the Jones', they were a referral who we went and saw my first day out in the field. They were so happy to talk about the bible and you could tell how much they loved Jesus, but we both were prompted to not teach them in a traditional sense but to lead by example. So now they feed us and take care of us, but we don't teach them. It’s weird to be a missionary and not open my mouth and
Share my testimony of the gospel. But I have been comforted to know that in due time, they will come with questions. So for now, they are our adopted mom and dad. Oh funny thing, we are almost positive that D. Jones taught my Uncle Clint in Dental School. He says that his name sounds familiar, and that he still remembers the people he taught when the program was still pretty small. Sooo cool! They are wonderful! The members in the ward are great as well. Two of the ladies in the ward took us to the zoo! It was AWESOME!!!! I loved just having fun!

The only thing that we are having issues with it being fed. We are spending a lot of money on food each week because we are not really being fed. In the three weeks I have been here, I have been fed 3 times, and one of those was yesterday night. It is a bit of a struggle, but I have faith that the more they get to know us, the more they will have the desire to feed us and have us over.

I freaking love it out here so much!!! It is amazing, my understanding of the goodness of God increases each day. And serving people does something to the heart that makes you love them so much. It is incredible!!!!!! I have been here for 3 weeks, and it feels like I have been here for a life time.

I love you! God loves you! Please write me!

️-Sister Emily Williams

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