Thursday, November 3, 2016

October 3, 2016

Hey y'all!!!

This week has been interesting and awesome and freaking weird. Monday came and we washed our entire wardrobe. It cost so much money but we wanted to make sure that the bed bugs are gone. We still are sleeping on the ground and I doubt there will come a time where we completely trust our beds again. When 6 came around and p-day officially ended, we were so tired and out of it that the rest of the day was pretty much wasted.

Tuesday came, and this is where things get fun. We had an early morning text lesson with Emmanuel that went great. We were all anxious because he hadn't given us his answer. We had fasted and prayed for him and we knew that he had an open heart to receive the answer. Later that day we asked him, and he told us that he thinks that he moved to Kentucky to receive the word of god. He said that he believes the Book of Mormon to be the word of god, as well as the Bible, and that he wanted to be baptized by that proper authority. We were so stoked we literally screamed when he texted us. So we went over to his house at 3 and Sister Acker and I both got the prompting not to go in, that we needed to go home, get on Wi-Fi and just see what he had text us. But we were already there so we knocked on the door and we were let in and Emmanuel was acting awkward. We sat down and we tried talking to his mom but she had decided not to let him get baptized. She kept saying: one baptism, not two.  She speaks Karen (Myanmar) so the language barrier made it hard to understand her, and she doesn't know English well enough to be able to teach. So we have basically cut off all communication from Emmanuel trying to respect his mom’s wishes to not let him be taught anymore. He is having a hard time with it and it is killing us. We are going to get someone in who speaks Karen, to help us teach but for now we’re stuck in a hard place.

We went by Evelyn's and she was so busy she couldn't talk and the kids were too riled up to teach a lesson to.  So we left and went to our dinner appointment with David and Diane Jones. Our self-proclaimed adopted parents while in Louisville. We show up and Diane opened the door and called to David that the Emily's were there, even though we have told them a bunch of times to call us Sister. For the first little while everything was fine. The food was awesome, all was well, until we told them that part of what we do is when we come over to someone's house for dinner, we share a message. They both agreed to hear it, but then David got a phone call and had to step out to take it. We showed them the Character of Christ video, something we considered pretty faith neutral. We started a discussion about it and she contradicted everything we said. She basically told us we're going to be in trouble when Christ comes. We were starting to feel uncomfortable. She then fixed us a piece of pie, and while she was doing that she announced that the reason her son moved to Utah was because he loved the Mormons so much that he made it his life's mission to save them by dissuading them from their faith. Sister Acker and I had a hard time keeping our composure. I asked her, to draw the conversation away from us, what faith she was and what she believes. She then told us that she is Southern Baptist. Our stomachs sunk and we were like, crap. She then proceeded to tell us how in her faith, They believe that adding and taking away from the Bible makes us Heretics, and the fact that we have the Book of Mormon makes us a cult. We politely thanked them for dinner and got the heck out of there. We have come to the conclusion that we will never go back to their house. We felt like Hansel and Gretel, being fed and then eaten alive. Not a fun experience. Southern Baptists are mean! This is the second middle-aged Baptist woman that has chewed us out.

We also found Popelick Road, the place where the Popelick monster lives; a half man half goat. People have died on the train tracks trying to find the Popelick. Go online and look what it is because all we have to go on is what the locals have told us. We feel that we have officially become part of Louisville. J

Conference was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the inspiration I received and the spirit that was felt. My favorite thing is how they inspire us to do better. I filled literally 21 pages of notes in the conference journal my Aunt Kristin gave me. My hand was exhausted after each session, but it was oddly satisfying to see how many pages I filled with the things I loved. My favorite talk was the one by Elder Uchtdorf. He outlined the Plan of Salvation in the most incredible way possible. My favorite thing he said was that: we chose this plan; we knew what would happen. We had knowledge of our savior, and we had faith that we would and could be saved. I felt so rejuvenated and spiritually fed! I wish it was Conference every week!!!

It was also sisters conference this week!!!! All the sisters of the mission come together and we get to hear from President and Sister Brough. It was freaking awesome!!  And I got to see my MTC girls!!!!! Sisters conference is one of the highlights of my mission so far.

This week has been awesome!!! I love you all!!!!

-Sister Emily Williams

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