Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016

Family and Friends,

This week was long, and hard. I had one of those weeks; it was long, difficult, and not very spiritually uplifting. We spent a good amount of our time at the library finishing the video and trying to get the last minute people to be in it. I don't know how networkers do it. I felt like such a nagger by the end of the week, and guilty for the constant pestering. But the video has been posted and between my page and my companion’s, in three days it has over 3.8 thousand views, and 57 shares!! That is super exciting! We are happy that this is actually getting the views we were hoping that it would! Thank you to everyone who participated!!!! Please if you have not shared it, please go and do that! Ok, enough about our rockin’ video.

We taught Cassie twice this week and each time it was, again, crazy!!!! Her kids were rambunctious, and the spirit was not there. She is so scared to receive an answer about whether or not she should marry her boyfriend that she tries to keep us distracted with kids and random non-gospel related stories. And she has canceled on us twice. So, the next time we meet with her, it will be a hard conversation. Sister Acker and I have decided that the next time we meet, we will talk about how she needs to come to church, and how she needs to be actively trying to receive an answer. Because if she is not trying to make the necessary changes to come closer to God, and live the commandments, then us teaching her is a waste of our time and hers. It is so hard because she knows it is true. But when it came to choosing the harder right, she was too scared to act. We continue to tell her that if it is what you desire, and it is in line with God’s will, He will provide a way for you it achieve the thing that you need. But in order for God to be able to act in your life, you need to ask in prayer, with full purpose of heart, and real intent, willing to act on the answer you receive. Only then will he open the doors for you.

It seems like in Kentucky, the southern hospitality went out the door along with the warm weather. We're all bike now and it has been rainy and cold. People have been rude to us all week. It has been hard because both sister Acker and I have felt ourselves getting sick, and so, we're  tired and our bodies are so drained, and people are so rude. Last Sunday we rode past this homeless lady on the way to church, Sister Acker was in front of me, and she said hi to the lady as we passed. The lady screamed back: SHUT UP!!!! I was the awkward caboose that she glared at as she passed. Well we saw her a couple of times this week. The second time we saw her was at the library. Luckily she was too focused on her computer screen to notice us. We saw her again at the library, again she was too focused on her screen to see us there. But yesterday we passed her on the way to church. She started waving her arms and yelling even before we got close to her. She started yelling to us and she said: GET OFF THE SIDEWALK YOU STUPID GIRLS, BEFORE YOU GET CAUGHT!!!!!!! Then she hit my back as she passed by me. It didn't hurt, but I was in shock! This lady, who we were already scared to run into went from harmless crazy women who is most definitely on drugs, to potentially violent women who is most DEFINITELY, on drugs. We have come to the conclusion that when we ride to church, we need to bring the elders with us to be safe.
CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! I feel as though I have finally been initiated into mission life. Too funny!

That's all that happened to us this week!!!! This super nice lady from the Methodist church we volunteer at has offered to take the elders and us to the museums in Louisville, so I will tell y'all about that next week!!!


Sister Williams

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