Thursday, November 3, 2016

October 10, 2016

This week has been super uneventful. One thing that did happen, is that I hurt my hand. Because I am not the driver, I have to stand behind the car and back her. So we were in a really get to neighborhood/ apartment complex, and I didn't see a giant pot hole behind me and tripped and fell. Legs went flying, and everything!
My hand got all bloody. It didn't look like much, and I didn't cry, but it hurt so bad my hand went numb. Washing it out was he worst thing of my life. But because of the area I hurt my self in, I didn't want to get an infection. Other than that, nothing much to report. We spent all of this week biking and talking to people so that was cool! I love biking so freaking much! The hills are so much fun!

Sister Williams

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