Sunday, November 20, 2016

November 14, 2016

Hello friends! 

This week has been great!! It started Monday when we had the opportunity to go to Louisville for the first time! A lady from the Methodist church took us as well as the elders. We went to the slugger museum, it was so cool and had so much history behind every baseball bat created. It made me wish I was into baseball so I could appreciate it more! We toured the factory and at the end they gave us mini baseball bats! The coolest part of the slugger museum was after the tour was finished and people had kind of dispersed, the tour guide came up to me and asked where our church was located. She explained how she had wanted to attend for some time now but didn't know where the church was. I was so excited! This the first time someone had come up to me and asked to learn more, not the other way around!  I was able to get her information and I told her that we would refer her to the missionaries in the area. We later found out that she was going to be taught by the assistants to the President, so basically the missionaries in our mission. Then I got more excited because I knew that they would take care of her, and she would be receiving the message of the restoration by two of the greatest missionaries. The believe it or not museum was also on display at the slugger, and we were able to see some crazy cool things!! One thing that I absolutely loved was the duct tape Chewbacca, I have a picture of it below.

We then went to the science museum; it was a ton of fun! I learned so much and we were able to be ourselves and just have a good time! The whole place was cool, but it hadn't been updated since the nineties, so basically we were going to each thing and laughing how times have changed! 

Literally every appointment fell through at the last minute so I didn't even teach this week. The only cool thing that has happened was I got to go on exchanges with the Sister training leaders. I went to Shelbyville and got to do Spanish work. We met some really cool people while we were there. So most of the night was spent going around and putting up fliers for English classes. Every storeowner we asked said we could put up flyers, and were so sweet about it! Went into a laundry mat to ask the same thing and they said yes and gave us two places where we could put them up, then gave us permission to proselyte in the laundry mat itself! That never happens! We are not even allowed to talk to people in the Kroger parking lot! This lady was so sweet and I felt the spirit so strong when I was talking to her. She told us that when the time is right everyone will know what church is the true church of Christ but for now we were just trying to make our way. It opened the door for me to testify to her that the true church that she has been searching for is here and that we were here to spread the message of the restoration of Christ church again on the earth in it's fullness. She seemed excited by the thought. 

We also had interviews this week. It was so fun, but I was shaking in my boots before them and it ended up turning into a great conversation! Sister Brough also loaded us up with healthy treats, which is awesome!!!!!! But in our interview, the President came out and told us that we're wasting our time with Cassie and that we needed to be focused on people who are willing to change and become better. We were super sad and we both were tearing up, but we knew he was right. 

Anyway this week has been good! We only have 2 more weeks of this transfer so I am almost out of training!!!!!! 

I love you all so much!!! 

-Sister Emily Williams 

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