Monday, December 5, 2016

November 28, 2016

Hey y'all, 

So this week has been interesting to say the least! It started getting crazy on Tuesday, we ran into this guy on the street, he said that he wanted to talk to us but to come back in 30 min. So we did, he had tons of questions, but it was like he really didn't want answers. His questions were geared towards the Plan of salvation, so that's what we taught him. And everything we talked about he denied. We told him that he came from heaven and that he chose gods plan to come to earth. And he did not believe us at all. He kept saying how if he was with God, why would he chose to leave God to come and suffer here on earth. I promise we said all the right answers, and it wasn't like he even stumped us, it was like we would tell him the answer, and it would go in one ear and out the other, then he would repeat the same question with different words. And then he went off on blacks in the priesthood. He also asked if Jesus was black, we were like... what???? We told him it didn't matter what ethnicity he was. And he told us that it was super important, because white Jesus was the white mans way of holding supremacy over the black people. We were over it. At one point I got really fired and I had to remind myself that I needed to calm down so I could listen to the spirit. Anyway, in the end, he told us that he wanted to read the Book of Mormon. We gave him a copy and promptly left. 

Literally the next person we contacted, wanted to bash. He sat and told us how Joseph Smith was a false prophet and how the Book of Mormon was blasphemy. This was the kicker, he sat and told us how he knew his church was true because he asked his priest, the guy paid to tell them what ever fits his fancy. We asked him if he ever prayed about it, and his answer was no, because how do you know if what your feeling is just your own wants and beliefs clouding your answer. He went on and on, and we just sat like bobble heads nodding and smiling. We knew that he wouldn't listen to what ever we said, and we were not about to bash, as tempting as it may be. So it ended with him telling us that he was going to pray for us to come to a knowledge of the truth so we wouldn't be damned.  Awe good times! 

Later that week, we ran into this kid Corey, who we have come across so many times. Each time we run into him, he has slowly softened to hear the message of the restored gospel. He had time to be taught right then so we went and sat on a park bench and taught him the first lesson. He wants so bad to get on the right path, and he thinks that this gospel is the answer. He wouldn't accept a baptism date, but he would if he found out that it was true. We were all excited because the spirit was so strong. At the end of the lesson, he said the closing prayer; I have never heard so many cuss words in a prayer as in that moment. Sister Acker and I had a really hard time keeping a straight face. You could tell he was really trying hard to pray, and the thought was there, but man it was funny!!!!!!! 

We also got transfer calls this week. Sister Acker is going to Moorehead, which is basically a boonie college town over by Lexington. And I am headed to Jasper, Indiana. I will be in a tiger team (teaching Spanish and English). I don't know what President was thinking putting me in a tiger team! I didn't even take Spanish in high school!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so scared!!! My new comp is going to be Hermana Spencer!! I am so excited!!!!! J-town is being white washed (elders are coming and taking over) I am sad, but excited for the adventures ahead!!!!! New address coming soon... 

Love y'all!!!!

-Sister Emily Williams 

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