Friday, December 16, 2016

December 5, 2016

Hello wonderful people!

So I am officially settled into my new house in jasper, yes that's right, a house! And it is HUGE!!!!! I love it so much!! We live with a member named sister Staley; she is so wonderful! We have the entire upstairs to ourselves, and it is awesome!!!! My new comp is Hermana
Spencer, and I love her to death!!!!!!!!!! She is the most happy, caring, loving human being that ever walked this earth! I am loving it here so much!

I have learned that most of the work that goes on here is trying to reactivate the members that have gone either less active or inactive. But it is great because we get to remind them of the testimony that they once possessed and see that fire in their eyes once more! We are able to be constantly teaching because of this and I love it! We have a couple of investigators but we teach them the first lesson and then they won't let us in the door a second time. Yesterday we dropped 8 of our investigators alone. It was hard but I know that it is necessary so that we can find the ones who are ready and wanting to hear the gospel.

Spanish work is so crazy cool I have loved it so much! They are so humble and kind and so patient with me as I attempt to learn Spanish! One of the Spanish families in there prayer, in Spanish so I didn't know this until after, blessed me that I might have the spirit with me as I learn how to speak. They want to communicate with me so bad, but it is hard to understand. I am able to pick up on major words so that I can kind of follow the conversation. But the fact that I am able to do that alone is a miracle! Hermana Spencer has been teaching me. I can now say the churches name, some simple words, and a prayer in Spanish. In a week, that is pretty good!

There was this really cool missionary moment this week, so we were over at a recent converts house to do service. Hermana Spencer was going to the hair of the recent convert who was going through the temple that next day. So we were over there, when a women and her son walked in and asked this recent convert for a favor, he immediately took it as a missionary moment. The women broke down in tears, and I was able to teach her with the recent converts help. It was difficult at times because Hermana Spencer wasn't able to help, because she was in the next room cutting hair. So I had to solo teach. I gain a testimony that day of how much we need a companion to teach the gospel. But the spirit was so strong, and it was awesome! Unfortunately she is in the elders’ area, so we had to refer her over.

Anyway I am so happy! I LOVE my new comp (still miss the old one)! I know that it is through the gospel that we are able to feel true and lasting happiness, and if you feel that you are lacking anything in your life, first evaluate your relationship with Heavenly Father. We could be of the most humble means and still feel an outpouring of happiness and love when we are close with our Heavenly Father. I love you guys so much!

❤❤❤ Sister Williams
Of the GKLM/ Indiana?
New address:
2250 Saint Charles Street

Jasper Indiana 47546

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