Friday, December 16, 2016

December 12, 2016

Hey y'all,

Jasper is still so great! We have the greatest people in our ward and it is awesome!  We literally dropped everyone this week but 2 people, we are now growing our teaching pool and it is going great! We got 5 new investigators and so things are looking up! We had a meet the Mormons movie night, and tons of people from the ward showed up as well as a few non-members! It was a huge hit and it was loads of fun! There was this lady I taught a week before, well, her sons showed up, one was 9 and the other one was 11. After the movie was done the 11 year old walked up to us and asked how he could become a Mormon?! I got all excited and we told them, and then we realized that they were in the elders area....:/  It still is so cool and that will be awesome if their mom gives them permission to be taught.

So because we dropped everyone/they dropped us, we were trying to think of any way we could grow our teaching pool. I remembered then about something that my cousin did, called prayth (pray in faith). We got out our map and our pins and we prayed to Heavenly Father to guide us to a street that he would have us go. We both put our pins in the board, and set off! When we got to the street that I had chosen we walked down it and the 2 house we knocked on, a lady opened the door and invited us in (no one ever does that), we told her that we were the missionaries, and she told us that she knew that, and that's why she invited us in! So it turns out that she was the mom of a member in our ward and she had taken the discussions before. We asked if we could share a message with her, and she agreed. We started to teach her the restoration, and she got hung up on the priesthood, we taught her and the spirit was so strong! I don't think that she wants to be taught right now, but I think that the lesson may have softened her heart to hearing the truth. So long story short, prayth works!! Whoo!
I am getting so pumped for Christmas it's crazy! I feel like the closer we get the more willing they are to listen!!!!
I love you all!!!!!!!!
-Sister Emily Williams


1. Me petting a stray cat
2. Sister Spencer and I are reindeers
3. Random selfie
4. Zone meeting
5. Sister Makasini, my trainers, trainer, aka mission grandma
6. Tired after exchanged and so this is how we looked, haha
7. Weird nightgown that was left in our room

8. Me in Santa Claus, next to Santa Clause

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