Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

This week has been crazy! We have taught so many lessons my head is spinning, I, however, have loved it! It is my favorite thing to be productive and feel like I am making a difference in someone else's life. We met with this less active member, she has a really hard life and has fallen on beer and cigarettes to supplement, and up until our last lesson with her, she had no desire to quit. We talked about the celestial kingdom, and living with her parents there. By the end she was asking us how she is going to do it? The spirit was so strong and I loved it!

We also had a lesson with Dan again and he is progressing like crazy! We have gotten so many investigators this week; it is so amazing how the lord is blessing our work here in jasper!

This last Thursday we had the mission Christmas zone conference, and I talked to one of the Elders who took over my last area. I asked him how the area was and how Chestnut was, the apartment complex where we were constantly teaching, and meeting people. He told me that they were never in Chestnut. I was shocked! He then said something that may have just changed the way I will do missionary work, he said: "Why would I want high maintenance, low hanging fruit?" I looked back on my experience in J-town, and as I went through each investigator I had, I realized that was all I had, high maintenance people, who always fell through when things got tough. So I talked my comp about it and she and I agreed that we can't knock every door, just to get cold people who are already stuck in their faith. We needed to find the prepared. So we are going to do the Praith thing again. (Pray in faith, that the lord will guide us to the houses that need the gospel) We are super excited to try it out with this mindset! If any of you missionaries try it, let me know how it goes, because IT WORKS!!!

Christmas was amazing!! We spent pretty much all of it with the Scott's! I love them so much!! They are so funny and relaxed that I felt like I didn't have to hold my breath around them. They really made an effort to make it special for us!! We took all of our presents over to there house so we opened everything up with them, it felt like home being with this family, so that was really special! At church, one of the speakers couldn't make it, so I ended up impromptu speaking; this is two weeks in a row that I spoke in sacrament meeting! J

I loved getting to talk to my family! I missed them so much, and getting to see all of them, and talk with them was so incredible! Talking to my family was the highlight of my Christmas! I love them so much and am so grateful that I have a forever family, and although I don't get to see them right now, I can see them for the rest of eternity.

Thank you to all who sent me cards, and presents, I have the greatest support system on the planet! I love you all so much!

-Sister Williams

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