Tuesday, May 2, 2017

January 23, 2017

Hey y'all,

I hope you all had a fabulous week! The work in jasper is doing well!! We continue to find more people to teach and the Lord is truly leading his work. Dan's baptism is this Saturday so I have resigned to becoming a slightly neurotic stress case making sure all the preparations are taken care of before Saturday comes. He is so ready though and so excited to make those covenants with his Heavenly Father!

We taught this awesome lesson this week with a lady named Sophia, the lesson went really great! We felt the spirit so strong it was crazy! She told us that she has read all these different books, because she was searching for the truth. When we introduced the Book of Mormon to her she got really excited! In her prayer at the end she thanked her Heavenly Father for helping her find the truth!!! Aaahhhhh!!

Another slightly crazy thing was one of our members gave us a referral, and she was telling us how she is a reflexologist and how she worked on this members feet all the time. So when she gave us the referral, she was pretty set on one of us getting work done by her instead on the more traditional door approach or even dinner with all of us.  That way she would feel more comfortable. So I ended up being the one to do it so I paid some money to get my feet rubbed. But the second we met her we knew she was so prepared to receive the restored gospel. She talked of all these times she worked with Mormons and how she got to sing with the Mormon tabernacle choir, and her time visiting Temple Square and the sprit she felt there. She also told us of her time going to the holy lands with over 70 LDS people, and her. We just sat and listened to her, and the Holy Ghost whispered the things that she needed to know and hear. It was a bit of a sacrifice giving up money to follow a member’s referral, but it was so worth it in the end.

This week has been awesome!! I love you all so much!!
Love, Sister Williams

Visiting the old folks home!

Our favorite resident!

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